2. Data Integrity And Privacy Policy

Data Integrity And Privacy Policy

Our goal is to give you the best experience to visit our website. We value your privacy and online integrity and therefore create processes that properly handle and protect your personal data.


The personal data policy describes which data we gather, how it is used, how you keep control over your information and how to get in contact with us. The personal data policy is applicable to all parts of our website.

The personal data policy does not include terms of use for those who apply for a job and register a profile at Bravura. Read more about terms of use for those who apply for a job and register a profile at Bravura here >>

In this policy, we use the term “personal data” to describe information that directly or indirectly can identify a physical person. Information that has been anonymized or aggregated in a way that it, neither with help from other information nor in any other way, can be used to identify a physical person, is not considered as personal data.

Information we collect

At registering

Bravura collects data about our potential customers in order to create business relationships in the future. The information we collect and keep about you is the information you provide us with by your own actions. The data we collect, which can be considered personal data, is:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number

We never collect any other data about you than what is necessary for us to fulfil our commitments. The legal basis for our treatment of the personal data mentioned above is your agreement, which we ask for when you download material.

By registering your personal data on our website you agree that Bravura, as a data controller, can use the information to improve the user experience, our services, support, or similar, inform you about the status of ongoing and future events as well as conduct customer surveys.


On subscribing to our news, we collect your email address. You can always unsubscribe from communication in any of the newsletters sent to you. In every email, there is a possibility to cancel the subscription (opt-out). The legal basis for our processing of the above personal data is your agreement, which we ask for when you start subscribing to our news.

By registering a subscription with Bravura, you agree to receive information and marketing materials through email. This requires that you upon registration, or later, have provided your email address to us. Bravura is entitled to document the communication between us in order to improve information sent to you in the future.

Other data

In some cases, apart from the name, email, and phone number, we collect information about companies you work with, which location a possible need refers to, and similar assignments, which aren't considered personal data.

We never collect information considered sensitive, such as age, sex, ethnicity, or similar. We only collect information for the purpose to create possibilities for cooperation between Bravura and the company/organization the visitor represents.

If you voluntarily have uploaded documents such as CV, personal letter, or similar documents, you have the possibility to have them deleted from our systems at any time. You can request a permanent deletion of your data from our system. Email personuppgifter@bravura.se and notify us that you no longer want us to save the documents which you have provided. 

How long your information will be saved

The time in which we save personal data depends on which type it is as well as the purpose to process these. Bravura saves personal data as long as necessary based on the purpose of the collection, after that the personal data will be anonymized and/or deleted. Other customer details in our CRM-system will be saved during the contract period and if no contact has been present in four (4) years the personal data will be anonymized.

Never register other people's personal data without consent

Please note that while using our website, there are features that will make it possible for you to add information which can be considered as personal data. You can only add information about other people if you have their consent to provide this information to us.

Why we collect data

We want to keep the information you've provided to create a better experience and offer you relevant content. Bravura processes personal data which you have provided for the purpose of administering them for a potential, future contact. Expressions of interest and personal data from you will be administered to enter into any agreement with you, provide information about offers and services, ongoing projects, and support that we provide in connection with inquiries. Data will also be processed indirectly in connection with the development, test, and administration of the IT systems linked to our website.

We use your information to:

  • Fulfil requests about contact
  • Send news to subscribers
  • Send ordered digital material
  • Inform about news and offers
  • Inform about changes in this policy

Examples of what happens when you visit our website

  • We measure and trace your activity on our website for a marketing purpose.
  • We collect personal data for communication and marketing purposes.
  • We process personal data by sending them to integrated CRM-systems for marketing and sales purposes.
  • We save personal data for analysis and development.
  • Your usage behaviours and activity on our website may be used for marketing purposes, such as target group analysis.

Legal basis

Bravura processes your personal data according to the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When necessary, we process your personal data to fulfil a contract with you, and when we have another legitimate and justified interest to process your personal information. Bravura Sverige AB always obtains your consent before processing your personal data, which by law requires your consent. On those occasions we don't obtain consent, we will process your personal data based on a balancing of interests.

An example of legal grounds to process your personal data is when a contact form is filled out, and we process your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the request and getting in touch with you.

An example of balancing of interest is to process your personal data for the purpose of informing you about a new offer in cases where you earlier have been in touch with us.

Who can get access to your personal data

Your information will be processed by Bravura Sverige AB and relevant companies in the corporate group. The personal data about you will also be handled by our IT providers. Your data might be transferred to integrated systems, where the data in some cases will be complemented by information from public registers. In cases where your personal data will be sent to a third party, the data are protected by a personal data processing agreement.

As a data controller, Bravura intends to process personal data given to us in connection with registering on the website, consent in email, seminars, social selling, social media, news subscription, and similar activities.

Where your personal data will be processed

The main rule is that we only process your personal data within the EES. In cases the information will be processed outside the EES it will be according to the applicable Data Protection Legislation.

Your rights

Changing and correcting

You have the right to change, delete or update any information you chose to register with us. The easiest way to do this is by contacting personuppgifter@bravura.se. You can also get in touch with us through the contact information provided on our website.

At your request or by our own initiative, we will correct information that has been found to be incorrect. Should the information be incorrect, incomplete, or in any other way irrelevant, it is the responsibility of Bravura to implement corrective actions.


You can request your information to be permanently deleted from our systems. If you want to be deleted from our system, email personuppgifter@bravura.se and notify us that you no longer want us to store your personal information.

Right to access and/or retrieve your personal data

You have the right to get access to the information we store about you through an extract from the register. Contact us at personuppgifter@bravura.se and ask for an extract from the register. Mark the email with your name and the title extract from the register, and make sure you are sending the email from the address used at the registration. You also have the right to request it through other means of contact. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this document. In this case, we might have to ask you for additional necessary information in order to confirm your identity.

Objections and withdrawal of consent

You have the right to raise objections to someone or the processes which Bravura performs regarding your personal data for direct marketing, or with the support of our legitimate interest in processing the personal data in question. You have the right to issue a complaint to a regulatory authority about our processing of personal data. In Sweden, that is The Swedish Privacy Protection Authority. To issue a complaint, visit www.imy.se for information on how to proceed.

In case we ever got your consent to process your personal data you can withdraw the consent at any time. It does not affect the legality of processing before the consent was given.

Data portability

Under some circumstances you also have the right to get the personal information that concerns you, which has been given to us in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format, and have the information transferred to another controller (data portability).


Bravura uses so-called cookies on their websites. A cookie is a data file with text which is saved on your web browser. The cookie can't identify you as a person, only the web browser on which it has been installed on your computer and that you use on your visit.

The cookie can contain information about logins and settings. The website uses both their own cookies and third party cookies.

We use cookies in order to give better services to you as a visitor. For example, the cookie helps third-party providers to keep track of which ads have been exposed to a certain web browser. When you visit Bravura's website, cookies will be saved to your computer for third-party providers to be able to present relevant ads to you, based on your interests.

The information in the cookie also gives information about how users access the website. This information makes it possible for us to develop and optimize our website.

Most web browsers are set up to allow the storage of cookies. If you don't want to allow cookies, you can either set your web browser to give a warning every time a website wants to add a cookie on your computer. You can also turn off the storage of cookies entirely. The information about how this is done can be found in the help section of the browser. The regulatory authority Post- och telestyrelsen offers more information about cookies on their website. You can also read more about cookies at www.youronlinechoices.com/se.

Personal data controller and contact information

Bravura Sverige AB is a personal data controller for processing your personal data according to this Personal Data Policy.

Our address: Sonia Henies plass 4, 0185 Oslo

Our organization number: 928 871 525

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or if you want to practice any of your rights according to the above, you can email our data protection officer, who can be reached through email: personuppgifter@bravura.se. You can also call +46 8 400 240 50.

Any revisions

The personal data policy might be updated. In that case, it depends on changes in current data protection regulation, technical changes in our system, or changes in Bravura's routines and processes. At an eventual change, we will inform you of the email address which you have registered, and the latest version of this information text can always be found on our website.